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Colour Tumby Festival is run with full adherence to SA Government guidelines and directives regarding COVID19. 
As it did in 2021, our event is run under an approved COVID Management Plan, with a clear strategy to keep our patrons safe by encouraging social distancing and movement rather than congregation, and making the most of the trail of arts. markets and entertainment throughout our large town centre.

This year our main strategies to keep you safe while you visit our festival include: 

  • encouraging wearing of masks - and we're awarding prizes to the most colourful and fun masks we see!

  • requiring stallholders and food/drink vendors to provide marked queue areas, hand sanitiser and hygienic payment methods

  • adequate COVID marshalls for our areas to ensure touchpoints and high traffic areas stay as safe as possible

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We are so happy you're here as part of our festival and enjoying our town - we just ask you do the following so we can all keep each other as safe as possible. 

  • Stay home if unwell! Each day of the festival take time to check in with yourself, and if you have any potential symptoms or have attended a hotspot or exposure site, please don't attend events.

  • Register with our event via Eventbrite! This can be done before or at the weekend - PLEASE help us track our total numbers, which helps us keep you safe, but can also help our event maintain its funding support and ensure its future!

  • Check in! There is one QR for the whole festival, just check in once (each day). You'll find plenty of the check in flyers throughout the hubs. Or if you are not a smartphone person, look out for a COVID marshall wearing a high-vis vest, and ask to check in via a manual sign in sheet. 

  • Wear your mask! It's not legally required outside but we encourage you to wear it whenever possible. If it's on and it's colourful enough to catch our judges eye, you may win a prize!

  • Give each other space! Where possible, please allow 1.5m social distancing. 

  • Be hygienic! You know the drill, regular hand washing, use hand sanitiser regularly (there's plenty around at stalls, facilities or ask our volunteers), use tap to pay instead of cash where possible. 

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