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Saturday 9 March and Sunday 10 March, 11am - 2pm
Tumby Bay Basketball Club Courts

Note: Saturday activity cancelled due to BOM predicted weather, 41 degrees. See you Sunday!

Professional and community demos and skill development

  • Corflute panel to capture project (words of wisdom and creative arts)

  • Materials to decorate decks

  • Skateboard demonstrations with ramps by pros and the community

  • Skateboard skill development, showing off to parents and friends!

  • Group photo at 2pm (Sunday)

  • Free BBQ for participants (Sunday)

Build Up Skateboarding has worked with the Tumby Bay Area School and the District Council of Tumby Bay to establish a sustainable skate program designed to inspire and empower young people in the community, promote healthy risk-taking, and improve mental health outcomes for young people. 

Three workshops throughout the last 12 months have engaged and challenged participants in a positive and safe environment by activating a portable skate park that the community will take ownership of.

Build up Skateboarding.png


The project involved participants building temporary ramps and assembling decks to become assets to the community for future programming. Responsibility for the construction was on the young people, allowing them to develop a sense of ownership of the equipment.



During the workshops, participants were encouraged to explore skateboarding and become confident using their skateboards. The workshops were targeted for young people to provide a safe space for engagement in a positive risk-taking activity. Build Up Skateboarding delivered training to interested young leaders to ensure that the community has the capacity to continue skateboard programs into the future

Skate 1.jpg

Expert visits

Build Up Skateboarding provided professional skateboard instruction, safe skatepark practices, mentor training, equipment building, skateboard / ramp art, leadership development, stakeholder goal setting, evaluation meeting, competitions and collaboration with the Council for Colour Tumby Unplugged.

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